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Massachusetts Institute of Technology DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 2.611/612 SHIP POWER AND PROPULSION Problem Set 6 Solutions 2006 1. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of using a Gas Turbine vs. a Diesel Engine. Advantages in general (not req'd for answer): 1) Fast Start-Up 2) Modular Construction 3) Easy Automation 4) High Reliability and Maintainabilty Vs. Diesel - low efficiency compared to diesel / higher fuel consumption than diesel - requires higher fuel quality - harder to repair underway - higher power density than diesel so frees up space and weight Ref:Woud, p. 137-138 2. Draw a T-S diagram for an intercooled regenerative Brayton Cycle. Label the points and explain, in words, each portion of the cycle. Mark on your diagram the area where heat is transferred into the system and where it leaves the system.
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1 to a: Compressor raises pressure - work in a - b: intercooler HX removes heat - qout b-2: 2nd compressor raises pressure - work in 2-5: Fluid pre-heated in regenerator (internal flow) 5-3: Combustion - qin 3-4: Turbine - work out 4-6: Exhaust fluid enters regenerator. Loses heat to the fluid in stage 2-5. (internal) 6-1: In real cycle, heat is lost by exhausting the fluid. In closed cycle, heat is lost to a heat exchanger. - qout 3. Simple closed-cycle Brayton engine Given: T 1 298.15K := p2_over_p1 11 := η c 0.85 := T 3 1698K := η t 0.92 := Δ p_over_p 0.06 := c p_air 1.00 kJ kg K := γ air 1.4 := m_dot 60 kg s := Compressor: T 2S T 1 p 2 p 1 γ 1 γ p2_over_p1 γ air 1 γ air 1.984
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ps6_soln - Massachusetts Institute of Technology DEPARTMENT...

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