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2. Transfer Line Dynamics A major chemical company has hired your firm to evaluate the safety of their chlorine handling operations after an industrial accident seriously injured 3 of its employees. At the time of the accident, the employees were loading liquefied chlorine gas onto a railroad tank car from a pressurized storage tank, as shown in the figure below. The standard operating procedure for this task calls for the transfer hose to be connected (between valves A and B), valve B (on the tank car) to be opened, and finally for valve A (at the storage tank) to be opened. During the accident, sensors indicate that valve A was opened before valve B, and that there was a massive pressure surge at the tank car. This pressure surge caused the transfer hose to rupture and release several hundred kilograms of chlorine gas into the atmosphere
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trans_line - MIT OpenCourseWare http/ 2.672...

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