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MIT2_71S09_ufinal - 2.71 Final examination 3 hours(9am12...

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2.71 Final examination 3 hours (9am–12 noon) Total pages: 7 (seven) PLEASE DO NOT TURN OVER UNTIL EXAM STARTS Name: PLEASE RETURN THIS BOOKLET WITH YOUR SOLUTION SHEET(S)
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MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY 2.71 Optics FINAL EXAMINATION Spring ’09 Tuesday, May 19 th , 2009 Duration: 3 hours Open books, open notes Instructions Treat all problems in one spatial dimension, and neglect apertures unless they are explicitly given in the problem statement. Multiplicative amplitude constants may be neglected when not required by the problem statement. When a problem seeks a numerical result, you may leave it to a reduced fractional form without doing the numerical division, e.g. 4 / 7 instead of 0 . 57143. When asked to “sketch” an optical system or a function, label your sketch clearly with as much quantitative detail as you can. If you are sketching a complex function, make sure to indicate the real and imaginary parts, or the magnitude and phase. If a problem appears to be given insufficient data, make assumptions as necessary and state them clearly. When in doubt, make ample use of Occam’s razor: “Reasons shall not be multiplied beyond necessity;” i.e. , among all possible and adequate explanations the simplest one
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