lab1 - 2.737 Mechatronics Laboratory Assignment 1:...

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2.737 Mechatronics Laboratory Assignment 1: Servomotor Control Assigned: Session 4 Reports due: Session 8 in checkoffs Reading: Simulink Text or online manual, Feedback system notes, Ch. 3-6 [1ex] 1 Lab organization Today! The staff will be in the lab today, in Session 4, from 3–5 PM to handle the distribution of lab kits and user accounts, and to help you get started on Lab 1. Do not all come to the lab at 3 PM as we will not be able to handle the overload. Before coming to the lab, take the form you received in lecture to the cashier’s office in order to pay for the lab supplies. You will need to bring the cashier’s receipt with you in order to pick up a lab kit. You will need a lab kit to do this assignment and for the remainder of the labs in the course. Bring your MIT ID card with you at this time. We will program the card reader on the door to the hallway outside of the lab so that you have access to the lab from 7am–9pm weekdays. Lab kits The lab kits consist of a set of consumables (resistors, capacitors, IC’s, wire, etc.) in a plastic box, and a set of returnables (lab kit, tools, cables, meter, and meter leads). The consumables are yours to keep. The returnables must be promptly returned to us at the end of the semester. The kits cost $500 to replace, and you will be billed for this amount if they are not returned promptly at the end of the semester. If the kits are returned late you will be billed a $25 late fee. If parts of the kit are missing you will be billed accordingly. You will be assigned a locker and a combination lock to store your kit in the lab. You may take it home if you desire. You are responsible for the kits; if they are lost/stolen you will be charged $500 for the replacement cost. 1.1 General Lab Guidelines Keep the lab clean and in good working order. No food or drink is allowed in the vicinity of the lab benches. On a trial basis, you may eat or drink at the conference table by the white board, but you must discard all trash, clean the table surface, etc. There are paper towels, and a brush and dustpan available over by the sink. Do not remove or borrow any equipment from the lab. This includes manuals, scope leads, etc. You may take your lab kit home with you, however. Do not leave valuables in the lab or in your lockers. Do not give out the door combo to others not in the class. Report any problems with lab equipment to the staff so that we can repair them. Be careful not to cut the cord of your lab kit with the wire strippers when you pack up your kit. If you find that your cord has been cut, bring it to the staff’s attention and we will repair it. Do not use any kit with a frayed power cord as this is a significant safety hazard! 1.2 Lab report format
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lab1 - 2.737 Mechatronics Laboratory Assignment 1:...

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