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2.081J/16.230J Plates and Shells Self-Evaluation Quiz Wednesday, March 1 Problem 1 Write in the expanded form: (a) M αβ κ αβ (b) w, αβ (c) ε αβ δ αβ (d) w, α w, β (e) w, αβαβ Problem 2 Compare the bending rigidity of a beam EI and that of a plate D , and point out the di f erence in terms of dimensional quantity and material parameters. Problem 3 What is the buckling coe cient for the square plate clamped on all four edges? See the graph on Section
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Unformatted text preview: 4.3.3. Problem 4 A square simply supported plate is loaded by a point force P at the center. Determine the load-de ection relationship ( P vs. w ) using the energy method. [ Hint:Assume the sinusoidal shape for the de ection, the same as in Problem #1 of Homework #2. ] 1...
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