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22.314/1.56/2.084/13.14 Fall 2006 Problem Set II Due 09/26/06 1. Consider a cylindrical vessel of inner radius R and wall thickness t with flat ends. The pressure inside the vessel is P i and the surrounding pressure P o . What is the relative error in estimating the maximum value of the stress intensity in the cylinder based on the thin shell approximation for values of: t/R = 0 . 03 t/R = 0 . 10 t/R = 0 . 15 t/R = 0 . 30 Consider two cases: P i = 2 P o P i = 20 P o 2. A pressure vessel is constructed of a cylinder with a hemispherical head at each end. There is no external restraint to either axial or radial displacement. Inside radius of both cylinder and hemispheres is
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Unformatted text preview: R . The wall thickness is uniform at a value t . The length of the cylinder is L . No flaws or stress concentrations are present. Dimensions are: R = 110 cm± t = 11 cm± L = 433 cm± Material properties: Young’s modulus = 200 GPa± Poisson’s ratio = 0.3± Coefficient of thermal expansion = 12 µm/mK The vessel is pressurized to a design pressure P = 15.5 MPa.± Questions:± (a) What is the total (peak) stress as a function of radial position ( z ) at a junction between cylinder and hemisphere. (b) What is the maximum radial displacement of the vessel cylinder and sphere? 1...
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