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Psych W1001y REQ - Jan 12 1999 MORE INFO ABOUT COURSE...

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Jan. 12, 1999 MORE INFO ABOUT COURSE REQUIREMENTS Psych W1001y 3 pts. Spring 1999 Professor: Norma Graham, [email protected], This course is a three-unit course. The classic rule-of-thumb says that, for an average student to get an average grade, he or she should spend 3 hours per unit per week on a course, and thus 9 hours per week on this course. You are expected to at tend lecture, which is 3 hours a week. That leaves 6 hours per week for reading and studying. Reading Textbook. PSYCHOLOGY (3rd ed) by Peter Gray (who was an undergraduate at Columbia). Worth Publishers, New York, 1999. Available at the Columbia bookstore. There will be about 50-70 pages assigned per week. See the reading list (handout 4). Supplementary readings will be suggested (see handout 4), but they will not usually be required. (Some are the sources for lecture material that is not in the textbook.) If any supplementary readings are required, they will be on reserve in the P sychology Library, 4th floor, Schermerhorn. A study guide is available for this textbook. The study guide is not required reading but some students find it useful. Handouts. There will be many handouts in this class. They are required reading. You would be well advised to keep them together in a notebook or folder. Class periods: Lectures & Demonstrations The lectures will not cover all the assigned material from the book. Similarly, the book does not cover all the material in the lectures. The class periods will often include demonstrations, sometimes in the form of movies or videot apes when the material is not suitable for live demonstrations. Your attendance at lectures will be assumed by the exams. There may even be occasional test questions that depend on your knowing how a particular demonstration turned out in this class thi s year. (This kind of question happens because it is very difficult to write test questions at all. And attendance at a class is supposed to be something instructors can assume. Note: if you understand the point of the demonstration it is usually diff icult NOT to remember how the demonstration turned out in class.)
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Particularly complicated material that was presented visually in class will be xeroxed and handed out to everyone. I started something several years ago which many students liked so I will continue this
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Psych W1001y REQ - Jan 12 1999 MORE INFO ABOUT COURSE...

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