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TAKE-HOME WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT TWO (DUE THURS. APR. 29, OR, AT VERY LATEST, WED. MAY 5, 1999) Due at the last class period on Th. April 29th (which is also the day of the second in- class exam), or: Mon.(May 3rd) from 1-3 pm Room 373 Sch Tues (May 4th) from 1-3 pm pm Room 373 Sch or Wed. (May 5th) from 12-5 pm Room 373 Sch. Papers may also be turned in at an earlier class or office hour on the following condition: Please make sure to give it to one of us directly, telling us what it is, and allowing us time to take care of it properly before you dash away. Do not leave the papers in our mailboxes or under our doors because they may get lost. Late papers will not be accepted except in extreme circumstances and, even in those cases, permission to be late should be arranged ahead of time if at all possible and penalty points may be assigned. ***Other more general instructions are the same as for the first written assignment Re-read handout #22 re collaborations, information from outside the textbook, etc. ) **** The T.A.s and I will not answer questions of the form: "What do you want us to do in section xxx?" Part of the point of the assignment is for you to choose something reasonable to do within the constraints imposed by the assignment as written down here (and in general instructions). What I want to see in your answers (in addition to the particulars required by the specific question) is: (1) evidence of knowledge of the course material, (2) understanding of the knowledge, (3) some further thinking about this knowledge and its relation to other knowledge or to your life, and (4) an attempt to write clearly about the knowledge, the understanding, and the thinking. Creativity comes in at all stages of this process. Section I. Data Analysis -- Group Differences (Graphs, 500-750 words, 60 points Analyze and discuss the results from the LeVay (1991) study of the brains of women and homosexual men and heterosexual men (See accompanying handout with article giving a description of this study and also a graph of the results. Also see p. 203 in your text.) To avoid misunderstanding about what should be included in the answer to
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