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GEO QUIZ #2 NOTES Airy model: The Airy hypothesis says that Earth's crust is a more rigid shell floating on a more liquid substratum of greater density. S-waves cannot travel through the out core of the Earth because the out core is liquid. Oceanic crust is formed of basalt and underlain by gabbro. Characteristics of vertebrates: -possess a notochord during embryonic development -paired appendages -segmented bones and muscles The deepest earthquakes occur near 650 km in depth. Sharks and other cartilaginous fish are best examples of “living fossils” In a region where rock is being compressed , the kind of earthquake event that would be expected is a thrust event . Isostatic equilibrium -is a term used in Geology to refer to the state of gravitational equilibrium between the earth 's lithosphere and asthenosphere such that the tectonic plates "float" at an elevation which depends on their thickness and density. Statement that best agrees with the Airy model for isostasy”
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Geo Notes quiz 2 - GEO QUIZ #2 NOTES • • • • •...

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