Midterm1 - 1 First mid-term exam for Math 204 The exam...

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1 First mid-term exam for Math 204 The exam consists of three questions. You are expected to work on the exam in collaboration with the other members of your group. The task of writing up the problems, however, should be divided among the group, with each member writing up one solution. The exam is open book, which means not only your book but any other book you care to look at. (However, none of the problems require any mathematics not contained in your textbook.) Calculators, computers, websites, etc. are also fine. The only resource I ask you not to employ is advice from people outside your group. A successful write-up consists of the following two parts: 1. Your solution to the problem. Since the time pressure is mild, I ask that your solution be written in complete sentences and that you make it clear what theorems you are using (i.e., if you use a theorem from the book, please tell me so and give a reference.) 2. A description of how you came to the solution you wrote down in part 1. Typically, this part will be between 1/2 and 1 page. It is absolutely acceptable for the description to be, ”Ms. X in my group told me how to do it.” If this is the case, you must get Ms. X to explain to you how she came by the solution, and you should describe that process in your own words. It is also fine for the description to be, ”I found a solution in the book Introduction to the theory of Y .” If so, your job in part 2 is to describe your personal understanding of the solution so that it is clear to me you did more than copy out an answer. Please be aware that these problems have many parts, some of which are relatively deep. It’s OK not to be able to solve every section of every problem. But please give me some indication of what things you tried and what ideas you had. Grading: Each group will be graded as a whole. We expect to give generous partial credit; we am also open to giving extra credit, if the problems suggest to you further ideas for exploration. We will be less forgiving about sloppiness than we are on ordinary exams– you have plenty of time to check your work. ”How long should I spend on this exam?” We don’t have a fixed amount of time in mind. You should think of it as you would writing a paper. You can put as much or little time as you like into it; the more work you put in, the better exam your group will write, and the more your understanding of the material will increase. The exam is due at the beginning of class on Wednesday, March 8. This format will be new to most of you. Please don’t hesitate to ask us if anything is unclear about what we expect. And now, the questions–good luck! 1
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Problem 1. The building inspector. You are an engineer who is inspecting a square load-bearing column. The column is
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Midterm1 - 1 First mid-term exam for Math 204 The exam...

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