2009 History 38 Syllabus

2009 History 38 Syllabus - History Department The George...

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History Department The George Washington University H ISTORY 38.10: W ORLD H ISTORY SINCE 1500 Lectures, TR 09:35-10:50, 1957 E St., Rm. 113 Professor Hugh L. Agnew Office Hours: Tuesdays, 14:00 – 16:30 1957 E St., NW, Suite 412 (Room 412-O) or email for an appointment 202.994.3785 [email protected] Overview : History deals with connections between past and present. It helps us better understand where we have been and better predict where we are headed. The study of history helps us understand people and societies and how our society came to be. In our own lives, the study of history contributes to moral understanding, provides identity, and enhances useful skills. Undertaking the study of history gives us the ability to evaluate evidence, assess conflicting interpretations, and explore examples of change. This course surveys the basic contours of global history since 1500, while at the same time exploring the ways in which historians approach the study of the past and how that can inform our understanding of the present. It traces the development of the modern global order over the past five hundred years, examining the processes and patterns of exchange, conflict, and interaction which have shaped our present-day world. The course will be structured thematically, but maintain a roughly chronological progression, and it will stress an approach to global history that considers the continuities and discontinuities of change and connection. The course complements History 39 and History 40, and there are no prerequisites. Textbooks and Readings : This courses uses one narrative textbook, Felipe Fernandez-Armesto, The World: A History: Volume 2: Since 1300 , which will provide the backbone of the course and support the lecture themes. Sections of the text will be keyed to the weekly topics and lectures. There is also a documentary reader, Peter N. Stearns, Stephen S. Gosch, and Erwin P. Grieshaber, eds., Documents in World History: Volume 2: The Modern Centuries: From 1500 to the Present . These primary sources will provide the main material for the discussion sections, which will each be led by an advanced graduate student. Additional primary source readings to supplement the Stearns et al. text will be noted on the syllabus and linked on the Blackboard site for the course. Both texts are available through the GW Bookstore in a bundle that provides approximately 50% off the price of the document reader if purchased separately. The publisher also provides online
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2009 History 38, Agnew, 2 resources to accompany these texts, and you will receive an access code for these resources if you purchase the textbook bundle. Assignments and Assessment : We will be assessing your learning and grading your performance using the following assignments, with the weight each assignment adds to your final grade as noted. Discussion Section Assignments
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2009 History 38 Syllabus - History Department The George...

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