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Long_book rvw guidelines - Critical Analysis Reviews of...

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Critical Analysis Reviews of Books – Eight Different Individual Due Dates Each student is to prepare and submit two book reviews during the semester. The books to be reviewed are listed in the syllabus according to their respective due dates. No more than four members of the class may review any specific book, without prior permission. You will select the books you are to review during the first class meeting. You are to think critically about the book and evaluate its contribution. Your review should contain a succinct summary and description of the book (i.e., is it a novel, an autobiography, a biography, a narrative, etc.; what period does it address; what kind of events does it depict; does it rely on personal experience, primary sources, or secondary material; and does the author provide citations). (For example: The book is a narrative history of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941.) Identify and explain the main question the author is addressing (for example, the author addresses the question of why the vastly powerful Spanish Armada failed in its effort to invade England). Explain the issue and any major nuances it
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Long_book rvw guidelines - Critical Analysis Reviews of...

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