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Sociology 357 B Dr. Janardan Subedi First Response Paper January 24, 2012 After reading the assigned articles, my mind was blown. I am a Sociology major and know much about the unequal distribution of resources that is present in the world; however, I had no idea how close some of the poorest areas in the United States are to regions where the wealthiest people in the world reside. The second article, “Excess Mortality in Harlem,” was the most shocking to read. Harlem’s population is 96% black and is just north of Central Park. This community is a part of Manhattan, which is flabbergasting. This article points out how race, poverty, and mortality are interrelated. Not only is Harlem predominantly black, but this region is one of the poorest regions in the United States. The average income is roughly half of what the average income is for all blacks in the United States.
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Why is this? Why is there such bad health and higher death rates in regions in which the socioeconomic status is low? How can areas be geographically so close yet be economically so different? The first article, “Social Class, Susceptibility, and Sickness,” discusses how poverty and bad health come hand in hand as well. This is accurate in regards to the Harlem article. Those in lower socioeconomic groups have higher rates of mortality, morbidity, and disability. These lower classes also have more depression, unhappiness, worry, anxiety, and are much less hopeful about their future. I believe that these results from the first article are displayed in the second.
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RP_1 - Sociology 357 B Dr Janardan Subedi First Response...

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