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Week 4 Checkpoint - Week 4 Checkpoint Angela Lippy Marti...

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Week 4 Checkpoint Angela Lippy 1/03/2011 Marti Pizzini
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After reading the required chapters on slavery and comparing the reading to the codes, the three codes that stuck out to me as still happening today are: Code #10: No one including whites could teach a slave to read or write……… After reading the texts, there are many similarities in the education aspects for African American today between slavery times and today. Even today in our society more white children are likely to have a formal pre-kindergarten education compared to African American students. This is in spite of programs such as Head Start that are designed for low income families to have a chance at a good education. In 2000, 80% of all public school students were of the white race. It states in our text that 1 in 6 students attend an apartheid (school for only black students) school rather than a public school for both white and blacks. In the Northeast and Midwest that number increases to 1 in 4.
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