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Practice questions for the Ecology midterm 1. All of the following statements about the logistic model of population growth are true except: a) It fits an 's' shaped curve b) It incorporates the concept of a carrying capacity c) It describes changes in population size over time d) It predicts an equilibrium where birth rates will equal death rates e) The carrying capacity is determined by the action of predators 2. A biologist reports that at Mount Meru he observed 21 wildebeest per square kilometer. What is the biologist measuring? a) Dispersion b) Carrying capacity c) Range d) Density e) Competition 3. Species extinction rates are higher on small islands because: a) Small islands are usually further from the mainland b) Small islands are harder for dispersers to find c) Average population sizes are smaller on small islands d) Small islands are more polluted e) Evolution occurs faster on small islands 4. Which of the following would be most likely to affect population growth of a species in a density dependent manner? a) Drought b) Floods c) Disease d) Frost e) Earthquakes 5. An introduced species is found to have a fundamental niche identical to that of a native species. A possible outcome is: a) one of the species will be driven to extinction as they compete b) evolutionary change will cause their niches to diverge c) they will exhibit distinct, and different, realized niches and coexist
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Ecology+practice+questions - Practice questions for the...

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