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History paper #1

History paper #1 - Crawford LeBouef Professor Shindo...

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Crawford LeBouef Professor Shindo History 2057, Paper #1 Beneficial changes in American Society Directly following the civil war, the United States were faced many challenges and changes that were needed to take place. Some argue that these changes were bad, I for one, believe that these changes in American society were beneficial for numerous reasons. First off, reconstruction acts were passed and slavery was outlawed forming a more equal and unified country, secondly the urbanization of the country provided the background to what we have today, thirdly I believe that economic advantages really had an up rise during this period with the growth of big business’s and corporations, and finally immigration played a huge part in changing the American society but also helping form, change, and mold the American culture. Reconstruction, urbanization, rise of big business’s /corporations, and immigration/migration to the west are the four primary reasons to why American society benefitted between 1865-1910. Reconstruction between 1865-1877 had two primary goals, to reunify the nation and provide an answer for the question of what to do with the now freed slaves. The initial proposal/start off reconstruction actually happened before the civil war even ended, but it didn’t have a very beneficial cause until after the war ended. The first and most important document was the emancipation proclamation, passed in 1863, which abolished slavery in the south, which was the first of many documents to help African Americans. The passing of the reconstruction acts of 1867 sparked the passing of the reconstruction bills and laws, this act turned the south into 5 military regions, in effort to make the south
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less powerful and racist, but also help better the lives of freed slaves. “Negro suffrage was established by act of Congress, and the military officers were commanded to superintend the process of clothing the negro race with the political privileges torn from white men.” (Document: 4.President Andrew Johnson Denounces Changes in His Program of Reconstruction, 1867, 7-8) This example helped me realize that the soldiers went down to the south and didn’t just be there because they had to, the soldiers got there and made sure there was a change and that blacks got their rights and were treated like human beings. Next came the passing of the 14 th and 15 th amendments which said the right to citizenship shall not be denied to African Americans and that the right to vote shall not be denied to African Americans. One more big part of reconstruction was the
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