Developmental Psych 10 15 and 10 17 09

Developmental Psych 10 15 and 10 17 09 - Developmental...

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Developmental Psych 10 15 09 Infant cognition: What’s on an infant’s mind? What develops? o Structures of the eye o Eye movements o CNS Pattern perception o 0-2 months: reflexive Movement; on/off High contrast; edges Curvature What does the infant see? o Elements vs. patterns Faces? Or nose, eyes, hair, chin? o Newborn face preferences Prefer top-heavy patterns Newborns prefer up-down asymmetry o Newborns : regular vs. scrambled faces When are faces patterns? o Regular face vs. photo negative face Other patterns? 3 months Pattern perception o Develops Not innate o Similar for objects and faces Emerges ~ 3 months of age Faces are not special o Accompanies growth in Acuity Eye movements and attention Structures of the eye CNS Visual disorders in infancy o Strabismus Crossed eyes o Cataracts Cloudy lens o Amblyopia Lazy eye Treatment: patching o Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) Problems with growth of the retina In uterus vs. out of the uterus
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Treatment would have to be gene therapy Visual stimulation for normal development? o Normal experience necessary Deprivation > vision loss o Extra stimulation Alters normal experience… Good or bad? Infant cognition: what’s on the infant’s mind? o What is unique about human intelligence and mental functioning? Sense of self, reason, abstract thinking, language Understanding objects, people, self How does infant get from reflexes to complex knowledge? Piaget
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Developmental Psych 10 15 and 10 17 09 - Developmental...

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