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Nature of emotions 9/2/09 Importance - emotions = what it means to be human. “would life be worth living without love, sadness, joy…?” Stoics- believed life worth living was without emotion. The wise man shows no emotion. Emotions- eliciting artifacts and practices. Most movies are made to elicit certain emotions (fear, excitement, love) Ancestors-certain architecture was created to elicit emotion (Chechan itza, mexico; Stonehenge) Activities- skydiving, roller coasters are examples Universality: Linguistic The word “emotion” introduced in English at the end of the 16 th century. Many languages don’t have a word for emotion. The word “feeling” is in every language, but is broader than the word “emotion.” All languages have words for emotions. Malu=shame. Japan- Amae=sense of dependence. This is different from any emotional words in English and other languages.
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