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Nature of Emotions 11 4 09 Morality and Emotions Kant: rationalist An approach to moral judgments inspired by Kant o When we make a genuine moral judgment, we focus only on whether what we judge to be morally right can be universalized Lying is wrong Killing is wrong Being generous is good o Judgments about token actions, types of actions, character o Reasoning o Emotions do not influence genuine moral judgments o Emotions are biases They distort our moral judgments, preventing us from making genuine moral judgments Ex. Stealing is universally wrong. John is stealing. John’s action is wrong. Kohlberg: 6 stages
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Unformatted text preview: o Progress in your reasoning • An approach to moral judgments inspired by Hume o It is in the very nature of moral judgments to express emotions related to our approving or disapproving actions, character traits, etc. o Moral judgments are in that sense similar to taste judgments Emotion causes the judgment Judgment expresses the emotion • “yummy” o Reasoning enables us to fulfill the desires that result from our emotions (including our moral emotions) Anger, disgust –> John’s action is wrong –> I want to stop John, I need to call the police •...
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