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Matt Schultz HPS 0605 Nature of Emotions Recitation 11/5/09 1) Griffiths uses the phrase 'natural kind'. What does he mean by this phrase? What are some examples he provides of natural kinds and how do natural kinds relate to emotions? The phrase ‘natural kind” refers to a class of objects with common properties and common causal explanations for these common properties. Examples of natural kinds that Griffiths gives are chlorine, chordates (philosopher’s natural kinds), trees, and birds (social scientists natural kinds). Griffiths argues that emotions are not a natural kind because there are many different types of emotions. He breaks emotions down into two categories. One is affect program emotions, as seen in Paul Ekman’s study. The other category is a group of emotions used to conform to social norms, which are meant to seem involuntary and may be referred to as “strategic emotions.” 2) What is Griffths' conclusion about emotion theories? What are the reasons he gives for
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