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difference between descriptive and inferential statistics with examples

Difference between descriptive and inferential statistics with examples

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What is the difference between descriptive and inferential statistics? Please give examples Descriptive statistics describes a sample in terms of its quantitative features whereas Inferential statistics takes the next step and allows us to make inferences about the population from which the sample is drawn.Descriptive statistics are for dealing with the data you have, but inferential statistics are for making generalizations based on your findings. Inferential allows you to use your findings on a small sample of the population to infer information about a larger population. descriptive statistics would allow you to determine things about your own friends, based on a survey. Inferential statistics would then allow you to generalize that information to other people in similar situations to you. Descriptors include various measurements of central tendency, skewness, and amount of variability of the data whereas Inferential statistics
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Unformatted text preview: lets us compare the mean to a hypothesized mean, or determine what proportion of a particular population will be above or below a certain threshold. Examples of Descriptive statistics: what's the average daily rainfall Seattle in November? How many sales did we make in each of our two target markets for each quarter this year? What is the variation in the amount of folic acid that women take in daily during their childbearing years? Examples of questions answered by inferential statistics are: Is the average daily rainfall in November greater in Seattle, or Vancouver? Which of these 2 ad campaigns drives more sales? Given what we know about the relationship between folic acid intake during pregancy and birth defects, how many cases of spina bifida would I expect per 1000 live births if we could increase women's folic acid intake by 10%?...
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