Robbery is defined as theft committed

Robbery is defined as theft committed - entering of the...

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Robbery is defined as theft committed with threat of violence It involves taking or attempting to take something of value by force, threat of force or by putting the victim in fear. Robbery involves the use of force or intimidation in taking property from a victim, while burglary involves entering a residence or property. Robbery differs from theft because of the use of violence or intimidation. Robbery differs from burglary in that no person need be present for a burglary to occur and a robbery need not occur in a dwelling. Burglary involves the breaking and
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Unformatted text preview: entering of the dwelling house of another at night with an intent to commit a felony therein at common law.The elements of burglary are likely to include :Trespass,Breaking,Entry,DwellingandNighttime while theft involves the unlawful taking of another person's property without that person's permission. Some other types of fraud, robbery and burglary may also involve theft. If you are facing theft, burglary or robbery charges,he/she should be given chance...
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