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Assignment 4 There is a great deal of interest in the process of implementing information technology to achieve coordinated management of operations and other aspects of the firm. ERP systems are supposedly effective agents for such coordination, but they are notoriously hard to implement and maintain. Less ambitious information technology initiatives may be easier to put into place, but often fail to achieve sufficient coordination. Clearly, being able to do "large-scale" right can be a major advantage -- the question is to what degree is it really a competitive advantage, rather than simply a matter of management efficiency. Coordination is nice, but it may or may not be worth the price. Here are two takes on this issue: Don Tapscott, Service Enablement and Competitive Advantage. SAP International %22%22Service%20Enablement%20and%20Competitive%20Advantage%22%22 Neville Turbit . ERP Implementation - The Traps. Project Perfect.
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Unformatted text preview: And some recent dealings: Houston Neal. (2011). ERP Implementation Strategies - A Guide to ERP Implementation Methodology. Software Advice. Retrieved from . Ann All. (2011). Secrets of an (Almost) Pain-Free ERP Implementation. IT Business Edge. Retrieved from . Paper expectations : Use information from the sites above. Please cite all sources and provide a reference list at the end of your paper. LENGTH: 3 pages typed and double-spaced. The following items will be assessed in particular: 1. Your understanding of ERP implementation; 2. Identify problems associated with information coordination across business functions....
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