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Resource Worksheet SCI/245 Version 6 1 Associate Program Material Resource Worksheet Use the following table to identify five historical events influenced by the depletion of natural resources. Explain each event in at least 150 words. Event What Happened? Example: Easter Island This island, now called Rapa Nui, is most notable for giant rock statues called Moais that look out over the ocean. Easter Island’s native population base is estimated to have peaked around 15,000 people. However, around the year 1600, the population rapidly collapsed. The reason for the collapse, hypothetically, can be attributed to deforestation and overpopulation. Trees are naturally scarce in this area of the world. The residents cut down the few trees on the island
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Unformatted text preview: to move the statues to their oceanside positions. This deforestation resulted in accelerated soil erosion. The damage to the soil made it difficult to grow enough food to sustain the relatively large population of this isolated area. This inability to grow enough food for the population, along with the introduction of disease to the isolated island, eventually led to the end of this society. Use the following table to distinguish between renewable and nonrenewable resources. Describe and compare each resource in at least 150 words. Renewable Nonrenewable In 200 to 300 words, assess the use of fossil fuels and minerals in your state, country, or the world....
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