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1 Fulton County, GA Obesity Program Budget Justification Since the Fulton County, Georgia program extends and expands the existing Georgia Nutritional and Obesity Program, many of the expenditures and funding sources are shared. Moreover, this Obesity Program has numerous faith-based, communities, educational and business partners. While some of these partners such as the restaurants sponsoring the recipe contests also provide revenues in return, the proposed revenues are hypothetical in nature. We do not know how much this particular community initiative will generate. Therefore, these projected revenues are based upon research but subject to actual participation and meal purchases. Notably, as well, the grants and funding sources are a composite of state, county and national funding sources for obesity programs. The CDC foundation grant is independent of the State grant portions directed toward this program, as is the HHS grant. Yet, these grants are critical to the program funding.
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2011-04-30_184112_programbudget - 1 Fulton County, GA...

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