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Word Project – Week 3 Travel Flyer Using Word, create a one-page flyer announcing that The International Travel Company is offering a vacation that goes to the vacation destination you researched during Week 2. You will “sell” some of the exciting features of the vacation in this flyer and give potential travelers information on how to contact you. Here are the flyer requirements: 1. Start the flyer with a catch phase like “Join Us on Your Next Vacation!” (or any phrase you would like). 2. Using the bulleted format, add information you found regarding: The hotel you have chosen for your vacationers At least one tourist spot vacationers will be visiting The name of one restaurant for fine dining One other exciting fact you found about this destination. 3. Change the bullet style for the list above to something other than a black round dot. 4. Use two different fonts anywhere on the flyer; they should complement each other and be easy to read. 5.
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