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Introduction Bell’s Palsy is also called as Facial Palsy or cranial mononeuropathy. It is a type of disorder in which the seventh cranial nerve that is responsible to control the movement of muscles in face, functions improperly or may not function. This ultimately causes paralysis in these muscles or weakness. It most frequently seen to affect thousands of people in United States. What are the causes of Bell’s palsy The cause for Bell’s palsy is still not clear. Researchers predict that it may be caused by a virus called as herpes zoster or herpes simplex. It can also be seen in HIV patients, or due to ear infection or during Lyme diease. It may also be caused due to swelling of the seventh cranial nerve during its passage through various facial bones. Symptoms of Bell’s palsy In this disorder the seventh facial nerve also called as cranial nerve that controls the movement of muscles, stops to functions or get damaged. The symptoms include; Occurrence of cold before the starting of infection
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