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ECO 544 Assignment 1 1. Table 7 shows characteristics of public school teachers between 1960 and 1983 in terms of teacher experience, education, and salaries. While the first four years of teaching decreased to 8.3% in 1983 from 32.2% in 1966, the percentage of teacher experience of greater than 20 years increased from 21.6% in 1966 to 25% in 1983. Median experience of teachers shows 13 years of experience in 1983, compared to what it was 9 years of experience in 1966. Also, the percentage of teachers who have master’s degree or more doubled during the period. Teachers’ salaries in real terms, however, do not show dramatic increase. The average salaries in real terms even fell in the 1970s. Therefore, this table shows that even though both teachers’ experience and amount of graduate training of teachers, which are factors that increase salaries, the average salaries had not changed over time. 2. Figure 1 presents average SAT scores measured as differences from lowest year. That is, in order to
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