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ECO 544 Assignment 2 1. Chart 1 shows the average NAEP exam scores for each year, after age and subject main effects have been removed. For most of the subjects and age groups, NAEP scores are increasing over time. Also, the correlation between the average NAEP score and time is significantly positive. This means that students have performed well over time, assuming that the NAEP exam provides a more meaningful assessment of trends in student performance than the SAT. That is, students are not performing worse today than they have in the past. 2. Table 8 presents a summary of estimated expenditure parameter coefficients from 147 studies of educational production functions. It is expected that those parameter coefficients have positive relationship with student achievement. That is, the more education and experience on the part of teacher, the better student performance, and the smaller classes would improve individual student learning. The overall results, however, suggest that there seems to be no strong or systematic
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