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Week 2 Hands-on

Week 2 Hands-on - Did anything unexpected happen as you...

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Week 2 Hands-on and/or Reflection Assignment Instructions Week 2 Assignment: This assignment has three parts. In the first part, work to create and clarify a research problem or research question for each of the following topics: 1. Health and Wellness 2. Technology 3. Economy Next, in about 100 words, explore how you identified and narrowed your research problem or question for each topic. Did you go with your original thought, or did you find something unexpected as you brainstormed and wrote out your ideas?
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Unformatted text preview: Did anything unexpected happen as you worked through your ideas? Finally, in about 50 words, detail how you would start the research process for finding information about your research question. Here is an example of a clarified research question with a topic close to home. Success in EN106: How can students achieve success in EN106? Students can complete all required reading, ask questions before assignment due dates, and post work on time....
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