Week 1 - Week 1 Introduction to Project Management Project...

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PMBOK, Chapter 1 Schwalbe, Chapter 1 Project: creates a unique product, service, or result. The project is temporary in nature ending when the objectives are met or the project is terminated but the results may or may not. Projects are a means of achieving strategic plans, goals objectives. has a unique purpose temporary developed using progressive elaboration (details become clearer as time passes) requires resources has primary customer/sponsor has uncertainty Triple Constraints: scope time cost PMBOK 5 constraints: scope time cost quality and risk affect the ability to meet scope, time, and cost because they can’t be determined 100% ahead of time Changes in one aspect of constraint will change the aspects of the rest of the constraints. PMBOK Knowledge areas: Core functions scope management : work with stakeholders define, gain agreement, and mange all work to complete project o scope statement, work breakdown structures, requirement analyses , statement of work, time management : estimate of work time, developing acceptable schedule based on resources, ensure timely completion of project cost o gantt charts , project network diagrams, schedule performance measurements. Cost management: preparing and managing budget o ROI, net present value, payback analysis, cost estimates Quality management: ensures satisfaction of stakeholder requirements o quality metrics, control charts, Pareto and Fishbone diagrams.
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Week 1 - Week 1 Introduction to Project Management Project...

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