Week 2 - Week 2 Project Life Cycle Project Management...

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Week 2: Project Life Cycle, Project Management Process Groups PMBOK Chapter 2 (15-23) Chap 3 (pps. 37-42) Schwalbe, Chapter 3 (pps. 76-78) Project life cycle: collection of generally sequential/overlapping project phases whose name and number are determined by management and control needs of the organization(s) and provides a basic framework for managing the project. A life cycle can be documented with a methodology and can be mapped to the life cycle structure. Starting the project Organizing and preparing carrying out the project work closing the project Product life cycle consists of sequential non-overlapping products determined by the manufacturing and control need of the organization. The last product life cycle phase for a product is the product’s retirement. One or more project life cycle may be contained within one or more product life cycles or service or result life cycles depending on the product objective or purpose. Many facets of a product life cycle lend themselves to being run as projects and may be more efficient to manage all related projects collectively ie development of automobile. Project Phases are divisions within a project where extra control is needed to manage the completion of a major deliverable. Divisions are completed sequentially but may overlap. Project phases are an element of project life cycle but not a project management process group. Project phases allow the project to be segmented into a number of logical subsets for ease of management depending on
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Week 2 - Week 2 Project Life Cycle Project Management...

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