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Week 6 Define Activities, Milestones, Durations for a project plan PMBOK 146-151 Schwalbe, Chap 4 (pps. 140 -142; 149-150) Milestone list : list of significant events (sign off of key document, completion of specific products or process related work) in a project and useful for setting schedule goals and monitoring progress. There are no costs or durations. Should be small and frequent and all encompassing, defined as binary early in the project and included in gantt chart, SMART criteria : Specific (everyone understands what is to be delivered), measureable (done or not done), assignable (who will deliver), realistic (doable), time-framed (specific due date) Activity duration : includes the actual amount of time spent working on an activity plus elapsed time, refers to time estimate Effort: number of workdays or work hours required to complete a task. Three point estimate: estimate that includes an optimistic T o , most likely T m , and pessimistic estimate T p . Required for PERT Pert:
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