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cheduling Tasks PMBOK, pps. 135-141 Schwalbe, Chap 4 (142-146; 159-161) ram is schematic display of the logical relationships among, or sequencing of, project activates. The preferred technique for ty sequencing. rrow (AOA) or arrow diagramming method (ADM) : a network diagramming technique in which activities are represented by nnected at points called nodes. Node is the starting and ending point of an activity where the first node signifies the start of a e last node represents the end of a project. when 2 or more activities split from a single node when 2 or more nodes merge to one node. ist including all schedule activities required on the project, includes activity identifier and scope of work description for each activity il to ensure project team members understand the work is required. butes : extends description of activity by identifying multiple components associated with each activity. t
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