Week 9 - Week 9: Project Planning Integration Schwalbe,...

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Week 9: Project Planning Integration Schwalbe, Chapter 5 (181-214) OPTIONAL: PMBOK, pp. 48-55; 78-82 Project quality management ensures that the project will satisfy the stated or implied needs for which it was undertaken. Quality: International organization for standardization (ISO) defines as the degree to which a set of inherent characteristics fulfill requirements, others define it based on conformance to requirements and fitness for use . Conformance to requirement : project processes and products meet written specifications. Fitness for use : product can be used as it was intended. Metrics: standard of measurement (failure rates, availability of goods and services, customer satisfaction ratings) Project metrics are determine by project goals, business case, and success criteria and kept track via a project dashboard Project dashboard: graphical screen summarizing key project metrics with metric name, description, how measured, status and explanation. [187, 5-3] Checklist : list of item to be noted or consulted. Project management involves meeting or surpassing expectations of stakeholders, and ultimately the stakeholders determine if quality level is acceptable. Project Human resource management concerned with making effective use of the people involved with a project. Output produced is creating a human resource plan which includes project organizational chart, responsibility matrix, resource histogram, and a staffing management plan. Project Organizational charts : graphical representation of how authoring and responsibility is distributed within the project. [189, 5-6] Responsibility assignment matrix: matrix that maps the work of the project as described in the WBS to the people
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Week 9 - Week 9: Project Planning Integration Schwalbe,...

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