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week 12 - Closing tasks for project procurement Outputs...

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Required Readings - Week 12 PMBOK, pps. 64-65; 78-82 Schwalbe, Chap 8 Closing activities for phases and projects involves gaining stakeholder and customer acceptance of the final products and services and brining the phase or project to an orderly end. Must finalize all activities across all project management process groups and transfer the completed or canceled work to the appropriate people. Closing project or phase Outputs: Final product, service or result transition and updates to organizational process assets ( assets that help people understand, follow, and improve business process) Customer acceptance/project completion form, final report, transaction plan, lessons learned report all need to be transferred to the stakeholders. Project close out meeting ( post moretem ) meeting held after project to discuss with select stakeholders Scope, time, cost goals and outcomes, success criteria and results, main changes that occurred and how they were addressed, main lessons learned, summary of transition plan.
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Unformatted text preview: Closing tasks for project procurement : Outputs closed procurements and updates to organizational process assets Procurement audits performed to identify lessons learned in the entire procurement process. Negotiated settlements : disagreements during procurement settled by negotiating between seller and buyer. Records management system : provides ability to easily organize, find and archive documents such as those related to procurement To close contracts the buyer provides seller formal written notice that contract has been completed. Project management plan Inputs: project charter, outputs from planning process, enterprise environmental factors, organizational process assets, Tools: expert judgment Outputs: project management plan: integrates and consolidates all of the subsidiary management plans and baselines from the planning processes...
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