week4 - Responsibility matrix(linear responsibility chart...

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Responsibility matrix (linear responsibility chart) summarizes tasks to be accomplished and who is responsible for what on a project. Lists project activities and participants Clarifies critical interfaces between units and individuals that need coordination Provide a means for all participants to view their responsibilities and agree on their assignments Clarifies the extent or type of the authority that can be exercised by each participant. (responsible, support, consult, notification, approval) The OBS can contain information identifying Departments, managers, leads and their responsiblities The TQM (total quality management) practice has a 3W1H table that asks, What, who, when, how, where, status Project communication plan addresses: What information needs to be collected and when Who will receive the information What methods will be used to gather and store information What are the limits, if any, on who has access to certain kinds of information? When will the information be communicated How will it be communicated Stakeholder analysis: identify target group Information needs: what information is pertinent to stakeholders who contribute to the project’s progress? Source of information: Determine the sources of information. Dissemination modes: how to communicate with stakeholders (email, hardcopy, teleconference) Responsibility matrix: determine who will send out information Activity on node Activity is represented by a node/box predecessor: activities that must be completed immediately before this activity
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week4 - Responsibility matrix(linear responsibility chart...

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