Brief- Brunswick & Outboard

Brief- Brunswick & Outboard - Facts: OMC and the...

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Facts: OMC and the plaintiff's Mercury Division compete in the manufacturing and sale of outboard motors, and in outboard motor boat racing. The parties use the results of the races in their advertising to promote the sale of their commercial engines In 1972 or 1973, Mercury engineers conceived the idea of installing a mechanical fuel injection system manufactured by Bendix Corporation on Mercury's 6-cylinder T-3 outboard racing engine Mercury began racing with this system in the fall of 1973 after investing an undetermined amount of time and money into the system. The system proved to be a success, and Mercury won numerous races while employing this system. Mercury attempted to keep the adaptation of the Bendix fuel-injection system secret. Anderson was employed as a research and development engineer by Mercury from August 12, 1971, through November 30, 1976. . Anderson worked on the development and refinement of this system during his employment with the plaintiff. In January 1975, Cees Van der Velden, a race driver for Mercury, became employed by OMC. During this
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Brief- Brunswick & Outboard - Facts: OMC and the...

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