Brief Fromberg vs Thornhill

Brief Fromberg vs Thornhill - Fact In effect the appliance...

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Unformatted text preview: Fact: In effect, the appliance is in two parts. One part is a hollow metal tube a couple of inches in length and, for varying repairs and tires, about one-quarter inch or so in diameter. The second part is a rubber cylindrical plug. By manipulation of the special tool, the rubber plug insert is pushed out of the metal tube while the tube is being withdrawn drawn from the tire. The result is two-fold. First, the hole in the tire is now filled with the rubber plug which, being released from compression of the metal tube, has expanded considerably to afford a seal. Second, the metal tube is now empty. In that condition, it has no further use as a tire repair. The 'Miracle-Plug' is a single piece of compressible rubber. Its main body is a cylinder approximately one-quarter inch in diameter and a couple of inches in length at which place it then tapers down to a one-eighth inch diameter tail about two to three inches in length. It is undisputed that by first inserting the tail into the empty Fromberg metal tail about two to three inches in length....
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