Week 1- Tradesecret

Week 1- Tradesecret - property: rights that go along with...

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property: rights that go along with ownership most fundamental property right is the right to exclude (prevent other people to use the property) Intellectual property: rights to exclude others form using products of mind (trade secrets, patents, trademark, copyright) Economics of IP better price, more availability, better quality, more innovation IP encourages innovation, investment, supplements public domain (stock), encourages lawful competition. Us legal system Common law - collection of decisions (case laws) which became the standard. Provided consistency in decisions. trial court>appeal court (deals with facts, and interprets law and writes an opinion)>supreme court Cases allow us to learn from the experience of others Brief extracts lesson from a case. Remedies Remedies : Compensation Monetary damage easier to enforce than equitable relief Equitable relief : court order to do or not to do something useful with regards to IP Injunction (court order prohibits a certain activity), specific performance (court order that forces a certain activity) Injunctions: Temporary restraining order (time limited), ex-parte (defendent not in court), maintain status quo until all parties can be
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Week 1- Tradesecret - property: rights that go along with...

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