Week 2- Patents

Week 2- Patents - Patents and Inventions- week 2 Utility...

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Patents and Inventions- week 2 Utility patents grant exclusive rights to inventions; Design patent grants rights to how a certain thing looks; Plant patent grants rights to breeding of plants Utility patents last 20 years from date of first application chain, must pay periodic maintenance fees every 3.5 years Patents: US constitution Article 1 section 8 “congress shall have the power to promote the progress of science and useful arts by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to theirrespective writings and discoveries.” Invention : a solution to a problem identifying inventions : anything that solves a problem Rights of patent owners: stops someone else from 1)Making 2)using 3)selling 4)offering to sell 5)importing a product that uses the invention or patented process patent application process: apply to patent office, prosecute patent for at least 2 years, cost ~25k requirements of novelty and non-obviousness in the patent application process: The patent process Patent application process Application requires full disclosure in exchange for potential patent rights. Written full description in clear, concise terms so that any person skilled in the art to which it pertain can make and use it. Claim: pointing out and distinctly claiming the subject matter which the applicant regards as his invention. 1. Patent office receives application and examines content and checks if patentable 2. corresponds to inventor or attorney a)usually rejects b)sometimes issues 3. Inventor or attorney corresponds to Patent office till patent is issued or inventor gives up Statutory criteria for patent issuance
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Week 2- Patents - Patents and Inventions- week 2 Utility...

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