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Unformatted text preview: ECE 153a/253 Homework 2 Problems: 1. Consider the following FSM States: a,b,c,d,e Transitions: 0,a->b,1 1,a->c,0 0,b->b,0 1,b->d,0 0,c->a,0 1,c->c,0 0,d->c,1 1,d->e,0 0,e->a,0 1,e->c,0 Is this a minimal machine? If not, show a smaller equivalent machine. 2. A common method to keep track of spinning shaft is a quadrature encoder. Such an encoder has 2 sensors looking at 4 quadrants of the wheel. Numbering the quadrants clockwise, the encodings are: 1:a=0b=0; 2:a=0b=1; 3:a=1b=1; 4:a=1b=0 for the two sensors a and b. Turning clockwise, quadrants appear in counting order, with 1 following 4. Imagine that you need to make a counter that keeps a running total of the number of turns of the wheel -- clockwise increments the counter while counter clockwise decrements it. The counter is an external device, you must only supply the two signals: u for up or increment and d for down or decrement. You will need to count exactly once for each rotation of the wheel, meaning if the machine starts in state 1, it must pass through states 2, 3, and 4 and return to 1 in order to generate a single u...
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