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Unformatted text preview: ECE 153a/253 Homework 5 Reading: Papers on Website Problems: 1. Consider a finite state machine controlling a elevator for a 5 story building such as HFH. The elevator is a simple one with 1 call button on each floor and 5 in the cab. On arrival at each selected floor, the elevator pauses for 10 seconds to allow people to get on and off before proceeding to its next destination. It moves from floor to floor at 5 seconds per floor unless it is stopped on a floor. Buttons are active until the elevator arrives on a given floor to clear it. Any combination of buttons is possible. The elevator determines potential stopping points as it passes a given floor. Thus, it cannot respond to a stop request to a floor closer than 1 stop away. The elevator must service all call buttons in a given direction before the elevator is allowed to change direction. This means that if the elevator is currently moving up, it must stop at any requested floors that are above the current floor before the elevator is allowed to stop at any floors below the current...
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