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ECE 153a/253 Homework 6 Problems: For the problems below you will need an ILP solver. You can find CPLEX and lpsolve as well as the instructions for setting up these programs on the course website. 1. Using the ILP package, find an optimal schedule for the following problem: operations: {+, -} take 1 cycle on an ALU, * takes 2 cycles on a MPY x3 = x1*c1+x2*c2; x4 = c3*x3-c4; x5 = x1*c4+x3*c5-x4; out1 = x5*x3; out2 = x3-c6*x1; a) Find an optimal unconstrained ASAP schedule for this problem. b) Find an optimal unconstrained ALAP schedule for this problem.
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Unformatted text preview: c) Find an optimal schedule for this problem if you are only given 2 MPY and 1 ALU. 2. Describe how to model a 2-stage pipeline multiplier so that it could be used with the ILP program above. (The behavior is that such a multiplier accepts 2 inputs each cycle, but takes 2 cycles to deliver the output. The executions are overlapped so that outputs can happen each cycle, each from inputs read in two cycles earlier on the inputs.) How long does the schedule from problem 1 take given 1 ALU and 2 (2-stage pipelined MPY)?...
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