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Ex. of Essay I - Kim, Maureen (Yoo) English 3 & Section #19...

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Kim, Maureen (Yoo) Lauri Mattenson Essay #1 August 16, 2010 Increasing Creative Opportunities Being in first grade, I was asked to fold an origami crane according to the step-by-step procedure given by the teacher. Afterwards, the teacher assigned us to write a story about the crane folded in front of us. With my rudimentary knowledge, I wrote a story about how this crane before me was simply a bird that flies into the endless sky without any matters to worry about. It could fly in loops. It could fly out of path. It could even fly in spirals. So many thoughts entered my mind as I wrote this story about my origami paper crane. Now as an incoming freshman in college, I can only recall that memory of once using my mind differently aside from “standardized curriculum, rote memorization, and nationalized testing” (Bronson and Merryman 45). That was all it ever was after first grade for me. Each teacher that I had had to follow a strict schedule that if they fell behind, they were restless until they were caught up. All the essays we wrote in class and for the semester writing assessments
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Ex. of Essay I - Kim, Maureen (Yoo) English 3 & Section #19...

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