Letter to Mrs. Rosa

Letter to Mrs. Rosa - Kim Maureen(Yoo English 3 Section#19...

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Kim, Maureen (Yoo) Lauri Mattenson Essay #1 August 16, 2010 School Newspaper Crisis -- Creative or Generic Mrs. Lindsey Rosa Activities Director at Martin Luther King High School Dear Mrs. Rosa, Throughout my four years of high school, I feel like I went through the process of the usual “standardized curriculum, rote memorization, and nationalized testing” (Bronson and Mer- ryman 45). Each teacher that I had had to follow a strict schedule that if they fell behind, they were restless until they were caught up. All the essays we wrote in class and for the semester writing assessments were all formatted under the five-paragraph structure--introduction, three body paragraphs, and conclusion. The formulas that we memorized, the practice problems and applications we solved, and the prompted essays we wrote were usually all completed so that we can raise our API score above 800. As much as raising our school’s API score is important, I have to indicate that there is a decline in creativity amongst our students at Martin Luther King High School. In many cases where we, the students, wanted an escape from this rigid structure of learning, we participated in the extra-curricular activities that you fund. However, even in these activities, such as the school newspaper, you limit our fundings if you and your ASB are not satisfied with the result, refusing our work of creativity through the process that Donald Treffinger describes in “The Creativity
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Letter to Mrs. Rosa - Kim Maureen(Yoo English 3 Section#19...

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