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Kim, Maureen (Yoo Jung) Lauri Mattenson Essay #2 30 August 2010 Real Art Conveys Nervousness: Maya Lin’s Artwork Susan Sontag claims that “real art has the capacity to make us nervous” (35). The term, “nervous,” can simply mean the feeling of anxiety, but “nervous” can also be defined by a work of art that cannot be managed under one human interpretation. Maya Lin’s design of the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial can be described as “real art” because she focused on each individual who died in the war, which made people nervous (Sontag 35). With the intention to make people cry and remember the individuals of the Vietnam War, Maya Lin allowed the people to “accept the pain and death” of the veterans (Maya). She clearly dedicated the memorial to honesty by focusing on the losses and sacrifices of these “57,661 names upon the black surface of the earth” (Maya). Diverting from the traditional view of listing the names alphabetically, she went through the exacting process of listing them by the order of
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