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Kim, Yoo Jung (Maureen) Civic Engagement 10 Recreation and Wellness Sept. 4 2010 Civic Engagement Final Paper Upon taking this course at UCLA under the College Summer Institute (CSI), I was able to grasp a new understanding of what civic engagement is and how civic engagement can be applied to my life. The general definition of civic engagement is the individual or group activities that point out the issues of public concerns. With civic engagement, we attempt to get involved in group activities, community service, national elections, and more. There are many ways in which civic engagement is utilized as it is a personal responsibility that individuals should feel to serve their communities. From the course, Civic Engagement 10, offered at UCLA, I have attended lectures that announce different issues of public concerns, discussed these matters during the discussion sessions, and participated in an internship at UCLA’s John Wooden Center. All these activities have had some impact on me in various ways. There was a total of five lectures presented to us every Tuesday. Most of these lectures placed some kind of motive for me to get involved and help my community out as well as get others involved. Out of these five lectures, the lecture on World Arts and Culture by David Gere really informed me in that civic engagement can be displayed in so many different ways. Before this lecture, I thought civic engagement was just getting involved and helping the community through literal actions like helping out at the soup kitchen, cleaning up litter on the streets, and painting over graffiti. However, the arts that he showed us really spoke to the public in several ways, some better than others. The picture with the medicine bottles shaped into the figure of Lady Guadalupe caught my attention because not only was it unique and creative but it showed
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the message it was trying to deliver. Taking that many medications and that many syringes is not a fun thing to do. It delivered the pain and sorrow these artists were feeling as they created this work of art. There was a series of pictures he showed us that displayed different artworks on something convenient to wear such as flip flops and underwear. The flipflops had directions on how to put on a condom correctly while the underwear addressed that there would be no sex if there was no condom involved. Other styles include variety of dresses made from defective condoms. These are very creative ways of delivering the message of having safe sex. However, these underwear, flipflops, and dresses may have some disgusted responses by many for not a lot of people would actually wear these flipflops or underwear, yet alone the dress that is full out made from condoms. In these ways, art serves its purpose of addressing public concerns, which is what civic engagement is all about. Through the course readings assigned throughout the summer quarter, I have to say that
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FINAL PAPER - Kim Yoo Jung(Maureen Civic Engagement 10...

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