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daks - He was saying slavery was inhumane and that humans...

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Peilu Xu SOC 207 GTF: Mirranda Willette Response to Uncle Sam Goddamn 02/22/2012 Without seeing the video, only by looking at the Lyrics, I thought a black sang this song. Actually, a white sing this song, which is surprised me. A lot of people don’t see the difference between ethnicity and race. The white category and the black category were created pretty much by the Western world, pretty much by America. America is when all European people were united under the moniker of “white.”
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Unformatted text preview: He was saying slavery was inhumane and that humans would eventually figure out it was wrong, which they did. They had to fight to prove it was wrong. He was saying they would've fought or not. Eventually people would realize how inhumane it was, which today is common sense. Don’t judge or treat a person by their race, sex, religion, etc....
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