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The most local business that does quite well year after year is the Burnap’s Fruit Stand. This business provides valuable goods from their farm. They have the service of providing fresh fruit and vegetables to the locals. Even to the point of picking your own strawberries and pumpkins when they are in season. There is not much of a barter system in this business model. Unless another farmer has a profitable fruit or vegetable that Burnap needs at the stand. The occupation needed to run a fruit stand and profit takes special skill sets and abilities to be profit from it and provide valuable goods and services. It is needed to know how to plant and make vegetables and
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Unformatted text preview: fruit grow. Many say that is easy, but there are laws to making fresh fruit edible. One is the land needs to have the right nutrients in the soil and documentation needs to be kept of pesticide sprays used. Within the organization that sets the tasks that need to be done. Coordinates and controls the interactions between the people that work there, to meet the common goal of providing fresh fruit and vegetables to the public. This takes someone to manage growing the fruit and vegetables, people harvesting the fruit and vegetable, and someone to manage the fruit stand to make a profit....
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